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telbee lets you receive and respond to voice messages online to engage your customers like never before

telbee helps us save time on our internal processes, streamline our communications and create personal connections with our customers. It’s transformed the way we work! The telbee team is amazing, continuing to support us every step of the way.

Jim Kennelly
Founder - Lotas Productions

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On July 16th, 2020

Capture your most valuable leads,
insights and customers with telbee

Create personal customer experiences with voice

Create and customise beautiful voice recorders for your website, emails, social channels or to access via QR codes. Let your visitors talk to you, ask questions and share ideas quickly and naturally, whenever is convenient for them - and for you!

Listen, read and reply from a clean, intuitive voice inbox

Talking is faster than typing, and more natural too. In your inbox, you can choose to listen to your customers’ voice notes, or read them transcribed. Assign voice notes to the right team member, ‘star’ your favourites, and respond in your own voice so customers can really hear you care.

It’s fast, convenient and easy

Customers don’t like waiting on hold, filling out forms or dealing with chatbots who don’t understand. And you shouldn’t have to worry about missed sales opportunities, out-of-hours staffing or struggling to answer a question meant for somebody else. With telbee, customers can simply say what they want, and get on with their day - whether you’re available or not. The right person can then respond when they’re ready, at their desk or on their phone.

Human conversations build trust and revenue

From converting leads and receiving feedback, to gathering testimonials and providing support, telbee lets you engage people at every stage of the customer journey. Because we’re all humans - even when we’re online! By making it easier to understand and talk to your customers, our platform lets you build real trust, community and advocacy for your brand, at scale. 

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Website visitors are your most engaged customers and prospects. Instead of asking them to fill out a form, stand out from the crowd by delivering highly personal customer experiences and engaging people in conversations that convert.

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To get real feedback from customers, you need to make it super easy for them to talk to you - and ask them at the right time. With telbee, you can ask for feedback at just the right moment - after checkout on your website, by email or as a QR code on their receipt. And all they have to do is talk!

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Instead of waiting on hold or in a queue, let your customers simply say what they want, get on with their day and hear back from the right person. With voice messaging for customer support, your customers always feel personally cared for. When you show your customers you value their time, they’ll value you back!

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