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We're looking for an awesome voice that captures the essence of our brand and what we're about.  
"The voice of telbee" will be narrating our explainer videos, commercials and walkthroughs...
Male, female or anything in between, if you think you have "that voice" we'd love to listen! 
Please apply by recording the short segment below:

" At telbee we believe that when people talk, good things happen. And that's why we built Vox - the online voice messaging platform for business.

Getting started is easy and free! Simply add a button to your website or create branded pages you can link to from anywhere.

With Vox your audiences can record voice messages for you at the click of a button directly through their browsers. All messages arrive in a team inbox, converted to text if you like, ready for you to respond in your voice, on your terms...

Vox lets you listen to and engage with your listeners, your readers and your website visitors like never before. Start building better, more human relationships today... Get started FREE at telbee.io "

Looking for something specific?

Or simply ask us in your voice - send us a Vox anytime by clicking the microphone tab on the side of the screen.

Contact information

+44 7911 123456
482 W Dallas St undefined Van Alstyne,
New York 54749 United States

There's more!
But hopefully this will give us plenty to go on! 
we will not use your recording publicly
without your explicit consent! 
You have our word...
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

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