Voice messaging for Education and Coaching

Use voice messaging for education to better engage students and inform lessons. Extend conversations beyond the classroom for training, teaching, and coaching to keep engagement levels high


Record a lesson
or tutorial

Make your class into a conversation, not a presentation, so that students can think and engage with the subject and tell you what they think in their own words

"Today, we're going to cover the themes from the last 2 chapters. Please read them and then summarise the story in 30 seconds by recording a voice note here."
"He wanted a new life, and I understand how he built it in the end. But why did the author make him start off that way?"

Taking questions on classes and problems

Let students follow up with you quickly and easily via voice notes, and give yourself a quick and easy way to respond

"Miss, I haven't been able to solve question 5. Please could you explain how to do it?"
"Of course, let me walk you through it... I've also included a link below to a worked example - but don't look at it until you've tried it yourself!  So this is how you start..."

Receive spoken assignments

Add variety to your assignments, and help your students work on their speaking as well as writing skills

Please record a 5 minute voice note about what impacted you most on our field day to the museum yesterday
"My favourite part about our trip to the museum was…"

Plan activities with student input

Find out which topics would be most valuable to cover in your classes by asking your students to send you voice notes

Vox me your ideas for the project before next class. Then we'll pick our favourites and get into teams
"This is our awesome idea for the project... and we've formed a team already! So..."

Coaching and mentoring

Exchange voice notes with your clients so you can easily support them outside of scheduled hours

“At the end of every day, tell me three things you did well and three things you could have done better. I'll send you a voice message back to make sure you stay on track…”
"It's really helpful to know you're there for me every day. Today I..."

Engage parents more personally

Let parents know they can contact you at any time, in a way that’s quick and easy for you to respond to with care

"We're worried that our son is struggling in your class. He can't seem to get his head around the maths concepts."
"It's a particular area he's struggling with, and I'll be running an extra revision session on Wednesday. Please let me know how he feels about it after that. More than happy to discuss on a phone call too. You'll find my personal number below. Call me anytime..."

Record classes for students who are away

Make lessons available as voice messages for class members who can't join live

"I've assigned you a voice message of the class for when you're feeling better. Let me know if you have any questions..."
"Thanks Miss, I think I get it. I'll be back next Monday..."

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