Vox for Accessibility

Voice messaging is accessible - hear from people who find it difficult to type or use computers, reply by voice to those who find it hard to read, and make your products and services useful to everyone


Hear from people who
can't type

Engage people with arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and other conditions that make it difficult or impossible to type

We know that many of our members with diabetes find it painful to type. That's why you can click on this button and simply talk to us about what you need - no typing required
"Oh my word this will make my life so much easier! Thank you...! What I wanted to ask is..."

Make it easier in a second language

Help people who have immigrated to contact you, or simply help anyone in their language if you are operating in multilingual areas

"It takes me a long time to write in English, glad I can talk to you about this instead. I have a question about..."
"Thank you for asking, and for telling me more about this. We've had a lot of requests for this and want to also make it available in your language... in the meantime feel free to reach out to us here anytime..."

Help those not comfortable with computers

Make it comfortable for people to talk to you if they have not learned to use computers, whether through age or educational opportunity

"I'm sorry - i'm not sure what next steps I should be taking to get set up on your website. I'm a little confused. But I saw the button to talk to you. I just signed up, could you explain to me what I should be doing next?"
"Hi Jane. Thanks for reaching out! The next step is to complete your profile. I've included a link below which will take you through the process step by step. If you prefer we can also jump on a call and I can take you through it myself? You'll find my direct line below or you can clikc on the link beside it to book a call at a time that suits you and i'll give you a call.. talk soon! 

Let people speak to you while they're on the move

It's difficult to type and read when you're on the move, but you can send voxes and listen and reply easily through our mobile apps and improve use of your time

"Good to talk this morning James. While it's fresh on my mind let me tell you about some of the initial ideas we've had for that campaign we spoke about..."
"Great minds think alike! I've had some time to consider these further too. Great ideas! Will send you a draft based on them later today. I really think they'll work!"

Continue late without the screen

Don't look at a bright screen that wakes you up when you want to sleep, listen and talk instead

"Hope you're not working too late, let's meet tomorrow"
"Let's do coffee, just catching up on a few last voxes, then straight to sleep"

Health first!

We have paused taking new sign-ups for now, but please subscribe below to keep in touch and to hear when we reopen registration.

Meanwhile, please visit www.BlessOurHeroes.org to support our amazing healthcare workers in the UK as they fight to protect us against COVID-19.

Thank you! We'll be in touch very soon!
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