Vox for community building

Use voice messaging to build, enrich and engage your community and followers - with their voices, and your own


Gather content for your community

Make it easy and natural for people to share information and resources, without the offputting step of having to write about them

If you've come across anything that would be helpful for other members in the group, send us a vox and we'll share with everyone
"Do you know about these guys who specialise in our area? They've got a podcast too"

Screen potential new hires

Hear how people come across before you meet them, not just how they appear on paper

"I've sold products like this before across the country. It's all about listening to what really excites the customer and sharing that excitement with them"
"Your enthusiasm is just what we're looking for. It would be great to have you in for an interview."

Collect music and sound

Receive content for your community that just could not be written down as text

If you've got a new song or riff to share, vox it to us! If we like it, we'll put it out on our next show
♩♫♩♩♫ ♩♩♫♩♩♫♩♩♫ ♩♩ ♫♩♩♫♩♩♫♩♩♫ ♩♩♫♩♩♫♩ ♩♫♩♩♫ ♩♩♫♩♩♫ ♩♩♫♩♩♫♩♩ ♫♩♩♫♩♩♫ ♩♩♫♩ ♩♫♩♩♫♩♩♫♩♩♫♩

Engage your followers more personally

Show your followers that you care about them in your own voice, and let them feel much closer to you

"That's so great to hear! Can we share your vox on our website?"
"The service was excellent and your staff made me feel really welcome!"

Plan your next social
media post

Find out what people are really enthusiastic about before deciding what to create next

What do you want the next episode or post to be about? Send me a vox and I'll pick my favourite!
"I love your work! Keep it coming. I thought it would be really great if you covered this topic..."

Hold live Q&A sessions (radio/podcasts)

Include your listeners in your live show, while knowing what they've said beforehand

What do you all think about Stewart's experience? Go to 'ABC.radio/vox' and voice your questions for him. I'll be playing them back live for him to answer in 5 minutes...
"Stewart i'm so inspred by your story. Where did you find the will to carry on?"

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