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Let your customers talk to you and build better relationships by showing them you're human too! Happier customers > better business. Simple! 

telbee Vox - voice messaging for business

What's Vox?

It's the most natural way to engage your audiences.
All you need is your voice!

At telbee we're all about voice.
Vox lets teams anywhere listen to and engage their audiences quickly and in the most natural way possible - voice!

People are talking more than ever - it's more authentic, it's faster than typing, and it communicates more.
With Vox, brands, organisations and websites anywhere can join the conversation, put their voice first and deliver the fast, personal service that people demand these days. Basically, we make it easy for any business to listen to and engage customers in the way that they want to be heard and spoken to. And all you need is your voice...

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Receive voxes in a team inbox, optionally transcribed to text, assign to the right person, and  reply in your voice, on your terms
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Join the voice revolution with Vox!

People are talking now more than ever... Vox lets you join the conversation!

Talking is natural

We all learn to speak before we write - and for many, talking is the only option.

Talking is faster

Especially for more complicated subjects, talking is on average 3x faster than typing.

Talking says more

It communicates ~37% more than writing alone, and is more spontaneous.

Why Vox?

The world was built by people talking to one another.
It's what makes us human! Computers and typing came a lot later.
We believe in people, and we believe that when people talk, good things happen

People and businesses get closer when they talk to one another. Letting customers talk to you and listening to what they have to say builds trust and connection that makes your brand shine.

But offering voice communication as a channel can be expensive and inefficient. Call centres are costly to staff and maintain, and outsourcing doesn't always deliver on its promises. The result is that many businesses choose to rely exclusively on email exchanges, contact forms, self-serve portals and chat bots that can leave many customers feeling frustrated, confused and under-appreciated. All they want to do is talk with someone! 

At telbee we are here to change this by letting customers ask you anything in their own voice, and then get on with their day. Simple!

With Vox you can listen to these messages in your voice inbox, relate to your customers deeply, and then reply to them personally in your voice, on your terms. In this way you can build trust and connection in a way that communicating through email, text or live chat alone simply cannot achieve. And establishing trust, of course, sets you up for delivering the value your business provides.

In short, Vox brings cost effective, highly engaging asynchronous voice communication to the web so you can delight your customers at every turn, without breaking your step.

There's nothing more human than talking, and we believe that when people talk, good things happen.

At telbee, we're on a mission to get people talking and make the internet more human.
Join us! 

How it works

Let people talk

Add a Vox button or tab to your website or create Vox pages you can simply link to so your customers can say what they need to say, and get on with their day. No more typing, no more waits.

Listen easily

Get the insights that only listening to people talk to you naturally in their own voices can provide. Receive voxes (voice OR audio messages) from all your Vox channels in a voice inbox for teams and assign them in seconds so that the right people or departments can reply.

Reply personally

Now that you know exactly what your customer needs, you can pick up the phone, send them an email, or optionally reply to voxes in your own voice, directly from your voice inbox. Show your customers you care, and consistently delight them with personal, human and authentic service that speaks to them.

Let People Talk About You
telbee Vox - record a voxtelbee Vox - listen easily
telbee Vox - reply personally

Get listening

Wherever they are, and whenever you need to listen
> create a Vox channel for it!

Add Vox to any blog or website

Or link to Vox pages from anywhere

Better listening, better business

Understanding what your customers truly need and want has never been so important.
Vox lets you listen and relate to people without breaking your step.

Let people talk

Whether it's for questions or feedback, praise or complaints, your customers can record a vox for you at the click of a button and get on with their day. No more typing, no more waits. Give your readers, listeners, followers, website visitors and customers the option to voice their opinion and speak their mind - simply talk to you in their own words - as if they were talking to a friend or a colleague.

telbee Vox - People want to talk to you

Listen to what's lost in typing

Intonation and inflexion in voice communicates on average 37% more than typed words alone. This is lost through traditional communication channels such as online chats, emails, contact forms, and surveys, and can leave customers feeling frustrated and under-appreciated. With Vox you can give your customers a fast and easy way to deliver their message to you, and then fully relate to what they are saying, so you can find better solutions and provide better service.

telbee Vox - Listen to what's lost in typing

Answer in your voice

Every business is in the people business. Personal connection matters. With Vox you can send voice replies in a flash and show your customers you care by letting them hear you speak to them personally - as though you were right there beside them. You can also include links and documents in your reply so they can easily follow any next steps you need them to take. Vox shows your customers that you're human too, lets you build real relationships that last.

telbee Vox - answer in your own voice

Get talking

Manage your Inbox and send vox replies in a flash wherever you are


On web - login to your account on any browser to create your customised Vox Channels, and receive voxes in your voice inbox for teams. Reply to voxes in seconds from here too.


On mobile - Coming soon! Get our apps for iOS and Android. Receive push notifications when you receive new voxes via any of your Vox Channels, and reply by voice in seconds.

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telbee Vox - Listen to what's lost in typing

Voice messaging for customer support

Use vox for customer support to address your customers' and visitors' queries so they feel heard by a real person, not avoided
- Convert potential new customers
- Engage closely with your VIPs
- Answer customer questions conveniently
- Ensure people with complaints feel heard

telbee Vox - Listen to what's lost in typing

Voice messaging for accessibilty

Hear from people who find it difficult to type or use computers, reply by voice to those who find it hard to read, and make your products and services useful to everyone

- Hear from people who can't type
- Make it easier for customers to communicate in a second language
- Help those not comfortable with computers
- Let people speak to you while they're on the move

telbee Vox - Listen to what's lost in typing

Voice messaging for marketing

Use voice messaging for marketing to understand what your customers need and want, and engage them to drive growth

- Find out what excites your customers
- Recruit ambassadors for your business
- Collect feedback, reviews and testimonials
- Run promotions & competitions

telbee Vox - Listen to what's lost in typing

Voice messaging for education & coaching

Use voice messaging for education to better engage students and inform lessons. Extend conversations beyond the classroom for training, teaching, and coaching to keep engagement levels high

- Take questions on classes and homework
- Set and receive spoken assignments
- Improve your coaching and mentoring
- Engage parents more personally

telbee Vox - Listen to what's lost in typing

Voice messaging for bringing offline customers online

Deepen engagement with your in-store visitors and users of your physical products, so that delivery doesn't mean the end of the conversation

- Hear what people think of your physical products
- Get feedback on in store experiences
- Gather post-event or presentation feedback
- Add QR codes to business cards, posters and flyers

telbee Vox - Listen to what's lost in typing

Voice messaging for community

Use voice notes to build, enrich and engage your community and followers - with their voices, and your own

- Gather content for your community
- Engage your followers more personally
- Hold live Q&A sessions (radio/podcasts)

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