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If you're serious about engaging your customers, give them a voice! With our voice messenger service, it's never been easier.

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telbee Vox - voice messaging for business

What's telbee?

Our voice messenger service lets anyone record voice messages for you online through their desktop or mobile browsers. You can hear what they have to say, understand them through listening, and then reply by voice whenever works for you.

1. Create and customise your voice recorders
2. Link to your voice recorders on a hosted page or add them to your website
3. Listen and reply by voice from your telbee inbox

Your voice inbox

Listen or read
Automatically convert voice to text

Relate & understand
Get the full context of what's being said

Optionally reply in your voice
Faster and more personal than typing

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Start listening

Receive voxes in a team inbox, optionally transcribed to text, assign to the right person, and  reply in your voice, on your terms.

Who's telbee for?

We all talk, and it's never been so important for businesses to listen.
Our voice messenger service is for any brand that values what their audience has to say.

How will you use it? 

Use telbee to...

Get new leads

Why: Rather than asking people to fill out a contact form or send you an email, let them talk to you and start a conversation. Get to know your prospects better from the very first contact and prove to them that you're all about listening to what they need.

How: Embed a voice recorder into your landing pages and encourage your visitors to leave you a voice message. Then listen, relate and reply to them by voice! 

telbee Vox - People want to talk to you

Provide support

Why: When people have a question for you, make it easy for them to ask it. Let them use their voice! No more typing long messages, no more waiting on hold. Listen and understand what your customers need and have the right person respond with the right solution every time.

How: Add a voice recorder button or a tab to your website pages, or use links or buttons on your own support pages to open your custom voice recorder. Let your website visitors click a button, and talk.

telbee Vox - People want to talk to you

Gather feedback

Why: Feedback forms have low completion rates. But when you give people the option to talk about how they feel about your product or service, they'll happily oblige. Voice messaging is faster, more natural, and you'll learn much more.

How: Add a link to your email campaigns or social media pages. Ask people to let you know what they think of you in their voice, in their words. Sit back, and listen.

telbee Vox - People want to talk to you

Collect testimonials

Why: As businesses, we love hearing when we're doing well. It motivates us to do even better, and inspires our teams to achieve even more. For new customers, listening as well as reading testimonials also adds a further dimension of trust in us and our business.

How: Add your customer voice recorder link to your website, blog, email campaigns or product packaging (yep! Just convert your unique link to a QR code!). Ask people to let you know what they think of you, your product or your service in their voice, in their words. Sit back, and listen.

telbee Vox - People want to talk to you

Ask questions, get opinions

Why: If you're a media company, produce radio or TV shows, or have a podcast, our voice messenger service is perfect for you. Ask your listeners and viewers to express their questions and opinions in the same medium you communicate with them in.

How: Link to your custom voice recorder from anywhere, or tell your listeners where to go. You can also embed your custom voice recorder on a dedicated page of your own site. Then listen to your voice messages and play your audience's questions and stories live on air!

telbee Vox - People want to talk to you
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