When people talk, good things happen

Introducing Vox - Voice messaging for the web

Get a Vox button for your website or create branded Vox pages you can link to from anywhere. Listen, relate, and reply to your online & offline audiences by voice, as a team.

telbee Vox - voice messaging for business

How it works

Let people talk to you

Voice enable your website and business - install a Vox button on your website or create standalone Vox pages you can simply link to from anywhere. Visitors can record natural voice messages for you at the click of a button, right from within their browsers. No typing needed.

telbee Vox - record a voxtelbee Vox - listen easily

Reply personally

Optionally reply to voxes in your businesses' own voice, directly from within your collaborative voice inbox - on desktop, or on the move through our iOS and Android apps. Give personal, human and authentic attention to the people your business relies on most - your customers.

Let People Talk About You

Listen easily

Receive all your voice messages (voxes) in a team inbox, optionally converted to text in any of 50+ languages and dialects for easier processing - then assign to the right people and teams. Give your business the insights that only listening to people talk to you in their own voice can provide.

telbee Vox - reply personally

Let people talk to you, wherever they may be

Add customised Vox widgets to any website, including those built on:

Create telbee hosted Vox pages you can link to from anywhere, including:

Better listening, better business

For businesses and brands, giving your audiences a voice and understanding what they truly need has never been so important. Vox lets you listen and relate to them deeply, without breaking your step.

People want to talk to you

Give your readers, listeners, followers, website visitors and customers the option to voice their opinion and speak their mind - simply talk to you in their own words - as if they were talking to a friend or colleague. Whether it's for questions or feedback, praise or complaints, your customers can record a voice message for you at the click of a button and get on with their day. No more typing, no more waits.

telbee Vox - People want to talk to you
telbee Vox - Listen to what's lost in typing

Listen to what's lost in typing

Intonation and inflexion in voice communicates on average 37% more than typed words alone. This is lost through traditional communication channels such as online chats, emails, contact forms, and surveys, and can leave customers feeling frustrated and under-appreciated. With Vox you can give your customers a fast and easy way to deliver their message to you, and then fully relate to what they are saying, so you can find better solutions and provide better service.

Answer in your own voice

Every business is in the people business. Personal connection matters. With Vox you can send voice replies in a flash and show your customers the human side of your business by letting them hear you speak to them personally. You can also include links and documents in your reply, so they can easily follow any next steps you need them to take. Vox lets you build authentic relationships with the people who matter most - your customers.

telbee Vox - answer in your own voice

We work the way you work

Manage your inbox and send vox replies in a flash from:


Login to your account on any browser to create your Vox Channels, and receive voxes in your collaborative voice inbox. You can also reply to voxes in a flash from here too.


Download our apps for iOS and Android for voxing when you're on the move. Receive push notifications when you receive new voxes via any of your Vox Channels, and reply by voice in seconds.

Start building better relationships today
by giving your customers and business a voice

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