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Just click, record, and share your voice anywhere.

Listeners can send you voice replies back! 

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How it works

Open the extension and record your message

Pause or resume the recording anytime - click Finish when you're done!
You can also use our handy keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + 9 and then the Enter key to start recording immediately!

Your voice message becomes a Sharing Link

You can listen to your recording and record again if you're not happy with it... and when you're ready just click "Get Sharing Link" - the link will be automatically copied to your clipboard, ready for you to share anywhere!

Add a title, and choose if listeners can reply

At this point you can optionally give your message a title so listeners can know what they're about to hear... and you can also decide whether or not they have the option of responding to you by recording their own voice message!

Time to share your voice with the world!

Paste your unique voice link anywhere! With Ctrl (or cmd for mac) + V you can add the link to your emails, newsletters, in social media posts or directly in your chats. Recipients can simply click on the link to open a webpage and listen to your message! No downloads or sign ups required.

Hear back from people!

Visitors to your Sharing Page can click the play button to listen, and, if you enabled this option, send you a voice reply back by clicking on the big orange reply button! Ask a question, and hear the replies roll in! 

Listen to all messages in your voice inbox

This is where you manage all your voice messaging conversations. Read messages you've sent or received transcribed to text, star and download the ones you like, share messages with your teams, and so much more!

Reply again to keep the conversation going!

Easily reply back to people, optionally sending attachments and links - all from your inbox. You'll be surprised how much faster it is than typing! All messages are neatly grouped in threaded conversations, and, as we've seen time and again, people will be thrilled and delighted to hear back from you! 

telbee makes it easy for us to collect stories directly from our listeners, and send them a personalized response. The developers are always responsive and helpful.

Dallas Taylor
Host - Twenty Thousand Hertz

telbee helps us save time on our internal processes, streamline our communications and create personal connections with our customers. It’s transformed the way we work! The telbee team is amazing, continuing to support us every step of the way.

Jim Kennelly
Founder - Lotas Productions

Build relationships that drive value

Give your customers a voice

Receive and respond to voice messages online to sell, retain and engage customers like never before

How much will I pay for the Starter/Team plan?

Your questions Answered 

What does the telbee Chrome extension do?

It lets you record and share voice messages online, quickly, easily with your friends, your customers, your team, or anyone else! And receive voice replies back!
What can I use it for?
Use the extension anytime you want to build trust, community or understanding - Say thank you, ask a question and gather real responses, communicate an important message to your team, tell someone you care, provide and/or feedback - and these are just a few! Really the possibilities are endless!
How does it work?
Simply open the extension, click to record, then get a link (a URL) you can share anywhere... in your emails, on social media, or anywhere else online, or offline!
How can people listen to my messages?
By simply clicking on the link you share with them. They’ll arrive on a webpage where they can press the play button and listen to you speak to them, loud and clear! They won't have to sign up or download anything.
How do replies work?
Each time you record a new message using the Chrome Extension you’ll have the option to enable/disable listener replies. Just switch the toggle to the on or off position. If enabled, listeners can simply click the reply button on the sharing page, and record a voice reply! 
What’s the maximum recording length for each message?

1 minute - however listeners can record replies for you of up to 15 minutes long
How long are messages kept for?
On the free plan we keep messages for 1 month - upgrade to choose your own data retention policy, from 1 month to unlimited.
How can I see the messages i’ve sent/received?
Just log into your inbox! You'll see all the messages you’ve recorded, and the replies you've received, all arranged neatly as threaded conversations. And from there you can keep the conversation going and reply back! 
Is the telbee Chrome Extension really free?
Yes! You can record and share unlimited voice messages using the Chrome Extension. We believe that talking is so much easier than typing, and communicates way more. That's why we want to make it easy for anyone to share their thoughts and ideas, and build meaningful relationships at scale.
Is there a catch?
Well it's not really a catch... but we need to make money somehow to keep developing awesome features! On the Free plan we limit replies from your listeners and any ongoing conversations to 60 minutes per month. At the end of each month we top your allowance back up to 60 minutes. However if you choose to upgrade to one of our paid plans you'll have unlimited voice messaging, and access to dozens of features we've developed to help you get the most out of telbee - customise your sharing pages, add team members to help manage your inbox, receive voice replies as MP3 attachments in emails... and so much more! For a full list of features and to view our pricing click here

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