telbee for Chrome

Voice your thoughts, ideas, and questions, quickly and easily, in your Chrome browser.

Just click, record and share your unique voice link anywhere. Then listen to peoples' replies - in their voice!

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  • Listen via your website, social media, podcasts, email
    Embed, trigger as a pop-up, or link to a separate page we host for you
  • Reply to build trust to sell, support, retain & engage
    Make your business human by simply using your voice
  • Turn visitors into customers into fans
    Make it easy to start a conversation!

Build relationships that drive value

Give your customers a voice

Receive and respond to voice messages online to sell, retain and engage customers like never before

How much will I pay for the Starter/Team plan?


What does the telbee Chrome extension do?
It lets you record and share voice messages online, quickly, easily with your friends, your customers, your team, or anyone else!
How does it work?
Simply open the extension, click to record, then get a link (a URL) you can share anywhere... in your emails, on social media, or anywhere else!

What’s the maximum recording length for each message?

1 minute - however you can upgrade to one of our paid plans to record messages of up to 15 minutes long.
How long are messages kept for?
On the free plan we keep messages for 1 month - upgrade to choose your own data retention policy, from 1 month to unlimited.
How can people listen to my messages?
By simply clicking on the link you share with them. They’ll land on a webpage where they can hit the play button and listen to you speak to them, loud and clear!
How do replies work?
After you’ve recorded a message you’ll be able to give listeners the option to reply. Just switch the toggle to the on position. When listeners land on the sharing page to listen, a button will appear prompting them to (optionally) send you a voice reply back.
How can I see the messages i’ve sent/received?
Just log into your inbox! You'll see the messages you’ve sent, and all the ones you’ve received. And from there you can keep the conversation going and reply back! All messages exchanged with your listeners will be neatly arranged as threaded conversations.
Is telbee really free?
Yes! We believe that talking is so much easier than typing, and we want to make it easy for anyone to share their thoughts and ideas, quickly and naturally, and build better relationships online though listening.
What's the catch! Do I have to pay?
Nope! But if you choose to upgrade you'll have access to dozens of features we've developed to help you get the most out of telbee, from customising the colours and logos of sharing pages to fit your style, adding team members to help manage your inbox, receiving voice replies as MP3 attachments in emails and so much more! 

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