Voice messaging for Feedback

Understand your customers more deeply

Incentivise customers to leave feedback

Talking is faster than typing! With telbee, customers don’t have to take the time out of their day to write you an email or fill out a form. They can simply click record, tell you what they think of your product and get on with their day. This means less hassle for your customers, and more reviews for you!

Save and share your customers’ feedback

Save your most enthusiastic customers’ reviews and testimonials as MP3 files - and  share them on your social channels and website. Let your customers’ words do the marketing for you!

Engage them when they’re most ready to speak!

Ask your customers what they think even when they’re offline, by letting them leave you a voice review at the scan of a QR code. That way, you can capture a customer’s genuine excitement about your product while it’s still top of mind and on the tip of their tongue.

Gain insight into how your customers think

Use your learnings to market to new customers more effectively, and have better conversations with existing buyers.