Listener Voice Messaging
for Podcasts

Listen anywhere, read transcribed - Collect compelling content - Engage across social media

Record listener content and make your podcasts interactive

Invite stories, questions and feedback, and receive them via telbee. Read out a short URL to visit, share it via social media and email, or add a voice recorder directly to your website. telbee is easy to customise and works in any browser - desktop, mobile and in-app - whenever convenient!

Listen, read transcribed and reply in your voice inbox, as a team

No more sifting through emails, social feeds, DMs and texts from your audience. Make life easy! Get all your recordings in one inbox, transcribed. Give access to collaborators to review, share and manage. Play back directly, mark your favourites, download for editing, and respond by voice

Grow your audience - Engage across social media & Encourage sharing

Invite your followers to contribute to your podcast via any social media platform, and share voice messages to show them how much others get from it!

telbee can bring your communities together and to your podcast. And if you want to boost sharing, it's really quick and personal to reply by voice. You'll hear the WOW moment - people love it when you respond, and they'll want to talk about it!

Save time and frustration on content creation and typing

Planning, recording interviews and producing episodes is all hard work. So replace typing with talking - it's easier and faster, and doesn't take scheduling! With telbee it's easy and convenient to communicate by voice with your team and collaborators.

And if you forgot that question, need a retake, can't make the diaries work or just want to make everyone's life easier, use telbee to record your guests! With split screen for sharing questions, audio upload as well as live recording and bitrate selection to optimize audio quality.

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telbee makes it easy for us to collect stories directly from our listeners, and send them a personalized response. The developers are always responsive and helpful.

Dallas Taylor
Host - Twenty Thousand Hertz

telbee is one of the best engagement tools in podcasting. Why? Because it allows hosts to bring their listeners quite literally into the conversation, rather than the archaic social engagement of reading out fans' answers.

Adrian Houghton
Content Operations Director - iHeartRadio & Podcasts

As a podcast host telbee allowed me to offer take over episode opportunities to listeners without recording equipment, which proved very popular and get great feedback. I also created a general feedback channel and a personal one direct to me - the possibilities are truly unlimited.

Raphie Wagner
Host - not a momma life