Why telbee?

The world was built by people talking to one another.
It's what makes us human! Computers and typing came a lot later.
We believe in people, and we believe that when people talk, good things happen.

We make it easy for businesses to listen

‚ÄćOur voice messaging platform, Vox, lets teams anywhere listen to and engage their audiences quickly, easily, and in the most natural way possible - voice!

People are using their voices online more than ever. Talking is more authentic, faster than typing, and communicates more. With our conversational voice messaging platform, brands, organisations and websites anywhere can join the conversation, put their voice first and deliver the fast, personal attention that people demand these days. Basically, we make it easy for any business to listen to and engage customers in the way that they want to be heard and spoken to.

Telbee computer

People are choosing to talk more than ever...

Talking is natural

We all learn to speak before we write - and for many, talking is the only option.

Talking is faster

Especially for more complicated subjects, talking is on average 3x faster than typing.

Talking says more

Talking communicates ~37% more than writing alone, and is far more spontaneous and natural.

But businesses struggle to listen...

People and businesses get closer when they talk to one another. Letting customers talk to you and listening to what they have to say builds trust and connection.

But offering voice communication as a channel can be expensive and inefficient. Call centres are costly to staff and maintain, and outsourcing doesn't always deliver on its promises. The result is that many businesses choose to rely exclusively on email exchanges, contact forms, self-serve portals and chat bots that can be frustrating, confusing and leave us feeling under-appreciated. Sometimes all we want to do is talk with someone! 

At telbee, we are here to change this by letting customers ask you anything in their own voice, and then get on with their day. Simple!

With Vox, you can listen to these messages in your voice inbox, relate to your customers deeply, and then reply to them personally in your voice, on your terms. This way, you can build trust and connection in a way that communicating through email, text or live chat alone simply cannot achieve. And establishing trust, of course, sets you up for better business.

In short, Vox brings cost-effective, highly engaging asynchronous voice messaging to the web so you can delight your customers at every turn - without breaking your step.

There's nothing more human than talking, and we believe that when people talk, good things happen.

At telbee, we're on a mission to get people talking and make the internet more human.
Join us! 

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