Voice messaging for
 Talent Management

Save time on finding talent, managing auditions and communicating with clients

Easily gather talent submissions through your website

Motivate more people to show you their talent by making it ultra-fast and easy to audition via your website. Singers, speakers and voice actors can audition simply by hitting the record button on your site and recording live, or uploading a pre-prepared MP3 file for you to listen to and screen.

Receive voice submissions from all auditions in a voice inbox

See and manage all of your new voice messages and auditions in your team’s dedicated ‘voice inbox’.

Manage and categorise submissions

Telbee has a whole host of features to help you sort through and prioritise spoken auditions. Within your voice inbox, you can easily manage, categorise, filter, ‘flag’, ‘favourite’ the voice messages you receive - and save them as MP3 files so you can store back-up copies for your own records.

Respond to talent directly

Like what you hear? Simply send your auditionee a voice message back - in your own voice - and voila. You’ve instantly started a warm, personal conversation to mark the beginning of an exciting and mutually beneficial relationship.