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Discover the power of voice messaging to drive sales,
boost productivity and deepen your connections with customers.

telbee helps us save time on our internal processes, streamline our communications and create personal connections with our customers. It’s transformed the way we work! The telbee team is amazing, continuing to support us every step of the way.

Jim Kennelly
Founder - Lotas Productions

The voice-first revenue
acceleration solution

Personalise your voice recorder

Create and customise a voice recorder to match your business’ branding and website

Seamless integration

Display your voice recorder on a hosted page, or as a button or tab

Easy management

Manage, categorise and assign voice messages in a dedicated voice inbox

Automatic transcription

Listen to or read your voice messages transcribed

Reply personally

Build stronger, more persuasive relationships by replying directly in your own voice

Add context

Seal the deal by attaching text and links to your voice notes

How telbee works

Create beautiful, personalised customer experiences

Add a button or tab to your website to open your custom voice recorder, or create standalone pages you can link to (we give you a unique URL). Then simply let your audiences speak their mind at the click of a button!

Start listening

Whether it’s questions, feedback or expressions of interest in your product, voice messaging lets you really listen to the people who matter most. Use these rich audience insights to have more persuasive Sales conversations - and to finetune your overall Marketing and lead scoring strategies.

Maximise productivity

Listen to voice messages in a team inbox, optionally converted to text - then assign each voice note to the right people to respond. Your new voice inbox is bursting with exclusive features - giving you the option to save files, ‘favourite’ voice messages and add text and links to your voice replies.

Engage leads and customers

Now that you know exactly what your customer needs, you can pick up the phone, send them an email, or optionally reply to their voice messages with your own voice notes, directly from your voice inbox. Show your customers you care, and consistently delight them with personal, human and authentic service that speaks to them. Then watch your revenue rise!

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