Voice messaging for Support

Understand your customers more deeply

It’s convenient and hassle-free

Customers don’t like waiting on hold, filling out forms or dealing with chatbots who don’t understand. And you shouldn’t have to worry about missed sales opportunities, out-of-hours staffing or struggling to answer a question meant for somebody else. With telbee, customers can simply say what they want, and get on with their day - whether you’re available now or later.

Ensure the right person responds every time

Claim conversations you feel ready to answer, or assign particular voice notes to the right person for the job! That way, customers are sure to receive helpful, clued-up responses at their first touchpoint with your brand.

Track and increase support staff productivity

Keep track of which team member is speaking with which customer, and share valuable insights in your team’s shared inbox.

Let your customers hear how much you care

Got a message from an unhappy customer? Delivering them a personal apology - and letting them hear the understanding and empathy in your voice - is the best way to start making amends.