When people talk, good things happen

We are on a mission to make the internet more human.

We’re building a world where customer relationships are human relationships;
where technology enhances  conversations, not limits them;
and where it is as easy to listen as it is to talk.

Helping customers feel valued

We want customers to be able to choose how they want to be heard by businesses, allowing them to express themselves in a way that feels effortless, natural and - above all - personal.

With more and more people choosing to communicate by voice over texting, we believe customers should be able to speak as freely and as vibrantly with organisations as they do with their friends.

That’s why we built our online voice messenger service: to couple the convenience of instant messaging with the personal touch of a voice note or phone call.

Simply put, we want to make it quicker and easier for customers to speak with businesses - and help them feel valued, understood and appreciated along the way.

Helping businesses engage customers

In a world which places so much emphasis on ‘listening to the customer’, we want to help businesses do just that - listen to their customers and engage them in real, human conversation.

For thousands of years, voice has been humanity’s most powerful relationship-building tool - and we believe that voice conversations in business should be affordable, efficient and accessible to everyone.

We’re excited about empowering companies of all shapes and sizes to build genuine, long-lasting relationships with their customers by providing them with the technology they need to listen to and speak with each other.

Because when you go the extra mile to make your customers feel heard, understood and valued, they’ll be sure to value you right back.

Our Story

Technology does so much to make our lives easier, but somewhere along the line businesses started losing their human touch.

This was the thought that was going through Nico’s mind while walking in Hyde Park in early 2019, just before he was stung by a bee…

The more Nico thought about it the more he realised that, with chatbot technology and automated messaging on the rise, too many businesses were beginning to prioritise speed and automation above all things - forgetting that at the heart of it all, real relationships have always been built through meaningful conversations between people.

But what if there was a way to marry the convenience of modern messaging with the power of real human dialogue? What if businesses could let their customers speak to them quickly and easily - on their own terms - while still conveying the full range of emotion that gets lost in writing?

Following this lightbulb moment, Nico set to work creating a solution which would put the human touch back into customer communications - while keeping things uncomplicated and effortless on both sides of the conversation.

To help turn his dream into a reality, Nico reached out to his friend Bernie, who was actively looking to build a product that made a tangible difference in people’s lives. Together, they began building a solution that was truly innovative, personal and voice-first. And so, telbee was born!

Fast-forward one year, and telbee’s vision has well and truly come to life. The team is growing, the ideas keep coming and we’re super excited to have launched our first product: a voice messaging platform for business.

Rooted in all of Nico’s beliefs around self-expression, transparency and human connection, telbee exists to help businesses combine the convenience of instant messaging with the personal touch of a phone call, giving customers and businesses the option to listen and speak in a way that is easy, natural and just feels right.

We’re paving the way for businesses to revolutionise how they connect with their customers, and we’re excited about what the next chapter will bring.

But that’s just our side of the story...

We can’t wait for you to join the conversation!

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