We believe that #TalkingMatters

Providing customers with a platform to talk with you and listening to what they have to say builds trust, connection and engagement that makes your brand shine.

But many businesses choose not to offer voice communication as a channel as it can be expensive, time-consuming and inefficient to maintain and manage. Instead they rely exclusively on online chats, contact forms, email exchanges and "self-serve" portals that can leave many customers feeling confused, frustrated and under-appreciated.

At telbee we are here to change this.

With Vox businesses of all sizes can give customers a voice, let them talk, and then connect with and deepen relationships in a way that communicating through email, text or live chat alone simply cannot achieve. 

In short, we are here to help businesses everywhere better connect with customers through the power of voice.

More than ever, people are choosing to talk.

Talking is natural

We all learn to speak before we write - and for many, talking is the only option possible

Talking is faster

Especially for more complicated subjects, talking is on average 3x faster than typing

Talking expresses more

It communicates more than through writing alone, and is more spontaneous.

Why Vox?

For Customers


It's fast and easy

Let people speak their mind and get on with their day. No need to wait for online chat operators, look for phone numbers, fill out forms, or find time to type emails.


It allows for full expression

Especially for more complicated subjects, Vox allows your customers to express themselves fully and easily convey their questions, concerns, or feedback.


Makes them feel heard

If you choose to reply by Vox, you can address your customers in your own voice and give them and their questions the personal attention they merit 

For businesses


It's fast and easy

You can convert all voxes to text so you can read messagges just as if you were receiving emails. But you also benefit from the full context of people's voices. 


It allows for full understanding

Voice carries emotion & intention, and says far more than typing alone. At telbee we make it easy to listen. Transcribe voice to text, tag and sort through voxes.


Drives engagement

We are here to get people talking. Not just to you, but about you. Giving customers the option to communicate with you by Vox is sure to increase both.

When people talk, good things happen

In a world where "listening to your customers" or "the Voice of the Customer" is seemingly of paramount importance, we find that very few companies actually invest the time or the resources to do exactly this - listen to their customers and engage with them in conversation.

We believe that listening to customers and communicating with them by voice shouldn't have to be costly, time-consuming or inefficient. We believe it should simply be the norm. After all, before the internet this is the way it always was. Businesses should have the tools and the technology to be able to provide appropriate voice channels for their customers wherever they (the businesses or the customers) may be - online, offline and anywhere in between. 

In other words, we believe that businesses should once again put their voice first for the benefit of their customers, and ultimately themselves - a virtuous cycle founded on the most basic of human faculties, the power of voice.

at telbee we are constantly seeking new ways to make voice communication more efficient, more insightful and more accessible to everyone, from freelancers & startups to multinational enterprises and for the millions of people that rely on the value they deliver.

In a world filled with uncertainty and doubt, we can be sure of one thing:

When people talk, good things happen.