One-time link API

Use this API to generate a single use link which allows only one vox to be sent through an existing hosted page channel

  • Access to this API requires an API Key. Please contact us to obtain one
  • This API can be used with any active hosted page channels (but not plugin channels) within the account associated with the API key
  • The API will return a URL to the channel with a One Time Token that will expire after either a single vox has been sent through it, or in any case after 30 days
  • To use the API, POST to:<API Key>&token=<Channel Token>
  • The Channel Token is the long string in a channel's full URL (where you are redirected after visiting a short URL, e.g. This string may contain both alphanumeric characters and symbols.

    In this example it is highlighted in orange:
  • The response body will be JSON in the following format, containing a 1-time use URL for the channel:
{"onetime":"<Different Channel Token>/index.html?token=<One Time Token>"}
  • The API creates a duplicate of the original channel with a different channel token, so as not to expose the token of the original channel. For this reason, the first time this API is used with a particular channel, it will take approximately 1 minute for the link returned to be valid. If the link is accessed before then, it will be invalid and cached as invalid. After this initial delay, links returned by the API for that channel will be active immediately.
  • Any updates to the original channel will be reflected in the duplicate, including deactivation and reactivation
  • The duplicate channel requires a valid, unexpired One Time Token to load and send a vox. If the token is missing, invalid or expired, or if the channel has been deactivated, the user will be shown a page like

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