It’s time to get closer to
your customers!

Telbee lets you connect with them in the most natural way possible - voice

Build real relationships anywhere

  • Engage your customers through any channel
    Vox lets you listen to and speak with your customers via your website, social media, and even offline via the simple scan of a QR code so you can build real lasting relationships
  • Listen around the world
    Our widgets and pages are fully customisable, so you can translate them into any languages your audiences speak.
  • Listen and reply on the move
    (Coming soon!) Get the telbee mobile apps for Android / iOS and be notified as soon as you receive a new vox. Reply by voice in a flash to deliver fast, personal responses to your customers.
  • Listen or read
    Listen to voxes to hear the full mood and subtext of what's being communicated, and convert voxes to text either automatically or on-demand for easier processing. We support transcription in 65+ languages.
  • Talk securely
    All voxes are transferred over HTTPS and are encrypted, so you can rest assured that your customer communications are safe and secure. We are fully GDPR compliant.

Listen to your customers in the way they want to be heard

  • Create unlimited voice messaging channels
    Create standalone Vox pages and plugins for your websites, apps, social media, onboarding emails and so much more... so customers can send you voxes whenever they want to speak to you
  • ​Converse in your own time
    Receive voxes from your customers, visitors, followers and fans and reply to them when you’re ready to.
  • Apply your branding
    Customise your Vox Channels with your colour schemes, logos, avatars, text and styling to reflect your brand and the use cases you need them for.
  • Capture information
    Capture optional or required contact information (name, email, phone number), or skip altogether for gathering anonymous feedback or to make your Vox Channels more accessible.
  • Run campaigns
    Create unlimited Vox Channels for different purposes and receive all voxes in one collaborative voice inbox designed for teams.
  • Share context
    Include links to FAQs, articles, videos, documents and Calls To Action in your replies so you can explain the next steps you need your customers to take by voice, and they can follow through easily.

Smart Collaboration - Fast, effective tools to help you speak with one voice

  • Follow up from one
    See voxes and Conversation history all in one place in a shared collaborative team inbox. Listen, relate, reply.
  • Respond as a team
    Claim voxes you can address from the shared inbox, or assign the conversation to a colleague. Always have the right people respond.
  • Hear what's going on
    See the team's communications today from your shared inbox, listen and review to better collaborate and improve responses.

Easy management

  • Add your team easily
    Invite your team members to collaborate and help manage your inbox, whether they're at their desks or on the move
  • ​Assign roles
    Admin users can manage Vox Channels and Users, and reassign and delete conversations if needed.
  • Keep on top of communications
    Easily review the communications history for your whole organisation and get the insights that only voice can provide
  • Questions? Contact us any time
    Send us a vox (or an email if you prefer…), we're here to help you make the most out of telbee!
  • Ask us for more
    If there are particular features you'd like to see to further help your customers and organisation, please talk to us about them! We're all ears... :-)

Health first!

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