How to Collect Listener Messages for Podcasts and Radio

Whether you’re new to the world of broadcasting or a seasoned expert, letting your audience participate in your podcast or radio show is one of the most effective ways to grow your following, engage your listeners and diversify your content. 

After all, your listeners love sharing their stories, questions and opinions with you - and word of mouth spreads!

Whether you’re interviewing guests, hosting Q&As, educating, telling stories or sharing your opinions, audience participation makes life far easier for you too!

Receiving voice submissions helps you easily generate compelling and unique content, understand your audience better, and give each of your broadcasts a personal touch that will keep your listeners hooked.

That’s why we built our online voice messaging solution - to give content creators and brands a way to easily and naturally hear from their audience and involve them, to build a real community. 

Here’s how to get your audience more involved in your show than ever:

1. Set up your channel as a hosted page (so it has its own URL) and customise it with your branding

online voice recorder

2. Share the link to your page with your listeners

We make the URL short so you can read it out, or put on your website or social media. Then, you can easily ask your listeners to submit their stories, questions or thoughts! They can simply follow the link, hit the record button and let you know what’s on their mind. 

online voice recorder

3. You'll then receive all of your listeners’ messages in your inbox, where you can:

• Download messages to include in your next show or episode

online voice recorder

• Read voice notes transcribed as text (if you’ve got a full inbox and need to do a quick review)

online voice recorder

• Reply to their messages by voice, so you can continue the conversation, and win a die-hard fan

online voice recorder

You’ll also be able to choose whether your listeners are asked for their contact details, and which are required. So they can stay anonymous if you’re asking them for deeply personal stories, or you can make sure you can get back to them if what you really want is a conversation. 

online voice recorder

With our voice messaging platform for podcasting, your audience will feel more valued by you than ever - and you’ll have even more great content to share with them. It’s a win-win for everyone!