How to Share Voice Messages as Videos

From helping you supercharge your conversational marketing strategy to deepening your understanding of your customers, there are a huge number of marketing benefits to introducing voice messaging to your website.

Perhaps one of the biggest bonuses of voice messaging for marketing is that you have access to a mine of rich, user-generated content (including spoken reviews, testimonials and feedback) that you can then share on your social media to stand out, diversify your content, build trust among new customers and spark interest in your brand. 

At telbee, our favourite way to share audio clips and spoken testimonials on social media is to use the online tool to combine pictures with audio, and save them to share with our followers. 

And the best part: It couldn’t be easier! Let’s walk through it together: 

1. In your telbee voice inbox, choose the voice review or testimonial that you’d like to incorporate into your next social post.

You can even ‘star’ the voxes that you’d like to share on your social channels.

customer feedback

2. Next, click the ‘Download’ icon to save that vox as an MP3 file.

customer feedback

3. Head to and click ‘Create your first video’ on the homepage to sign up or login.

Wavve offer both free and paid plans, so there’s something for everyone here!.

customer feedback

4. Click the ‘New Design’ button to create a new design, choose to create your post from scratch (or use one of Wavve’s premade templates), then select your design dimensions (e.g. a square for an Instagram post or a 720p x 1280p rectangle for Stories).

customer feedback

5. Drag the image you would like to go with your audio clip into the middle of the screen to upload it (you can create some fabulous images for this with Canva!) and click the ‘Wavveform’ button at the bottom of the screen to add an optional and customisable dynamic soundwave to your Wavve video (we adore this feature!).

customer feedback

6. Click ‘Save’ in the top right to save your creation, and you will be asked to upload your audio file, which will play alongside your image in your final Wavve video. Upload the MP3 of your vox (which you saved earlier), crop it to your liking and click ‘Generate Video’ at the bottom of the screen.

customer feedback

7. You should end up with a downloadable Wavve video that looks a little something like this:

customer feedback

8. Once you’ve downloaded your Wavve video, you can share it on all of your social channels!

We know you’ll love sharing the good news about your brand - in your customers’ own words - and your followers will love hearing it too! 

The key to standing out on social media is keeping things new, exciting, authentic and personal. And nothing combines all of these things like hearing a real person speak online. 

Happy Wavve-ing!