How to Use telbee for Customer Support

At its heart, effective support has always been about making customers feel heard, understood and valued.

That’s why voice messaging is one of the best communication tools on the market - because it has all the efficiency of live chat, but with a far more human touch!

Customers don’t like waiting on hold, filling out forms or dealing with chatbots that don’t understand them. And you shouldn’t have to worry about missed sales opportunities, out-of-hours staffing or struggling to answer a question meant for somebody else. With telbee, customers simply say what they want, and get on with their day - whether you’re available now or later. 

On top of this, talking is our fastest, easiest and most natural method of communication - and typing simply doesn’t cut it when you’re trying to communicate empathy and understanding, or deliver a genuine apology to a customer. 

When customers hear from a real person who cares and values them, even the unhappiest can be turned around. And they’ll become real advocates for your business!

So, by setting up and customising your own channel, you’re well on your way to providing personal, five-star customer service that will get you remembered for all the right reasons.

In this article, we’re going to give you suggestions for optimising your channels for customer support using telbee’s voice-first team inbox but, if you want to integrate telbee with other helpdesk or customer engagement software then please do get in touch:

#1 Make it easy for customers to reach out to you on your website

An excellent way to show customers you really care about them is to make it easy for them to contact you. If they need support, they’re going to reach out to you one way or another, but the easier you make it, the more sales enquiries, feedback and ideas you’ll also receive.

With telbee, it’s quick and easy to respond - by talking rather than typing - and make sure the right person is responding in the first place to avoid wasted time.

To make it clear how to contact you, embed a voice recorder right on your website - whether on your support page, contact page or homepage - so the record button is always there. Your customers will know you’ll be there for them when they need you, and with just the click of a button, they can open up and let you know what’s on their mind. 

When creating a voice recorder for customer support to add to your website, be sure to select the ‘Create Plugin’ option when asked:

customer support

After you create your plugin, you'll see our "Install Plugin" box with setup instructions suitable for most website builders or e-commerce stores. If you are building your website in Wix, please see our guide here.

Here’s an example of what an embedded plugin might look like on your site:

customer support

You can find out more about how to customise your support channel here.

customer support

#2 Ensure you collect contact details so you can respond

When you’re creating your voice recorder, we always give you the option to collect anonymous feedback from your customers, as this works well for some use cases. 

However, when it comes to giving great support to your customers, you definitely want to make sure you’re able to reply to their voxes, so be sure to require they leave at least an email address when you’re setting up your channel. 

Or, if they’re already logged in and you want to integrate with telbee so you don’t ask for contact details again, then please get in touch!

customer support


#3 Use transcription to triage requests

It’s important that the person who’s going to respond listens to every support request to understand the customer and what’s really important for them. But how do you know who that person should be in the first place?

With automatic transcription, all of your support requests will be converted to text, so you can quickly understand what each request is about, how urgent it is and who the right person to handle it is. 

customer support


#4 Assign to the right person to respond

Are you the right person to respond? If so, click ‘Claim’ - the conversation will move to your personal inbox and you can send a reply!

But if not, ‘Assign’ it to the best person for the job - it’ll move to their personal inbox, and they’ll get an email notification. That way, customers are sure to receive helpful, clued-up responses at their first touchpoint with your brand. 

customer support

If you’re on our Team plan you can choose to auto-assign messages from a channel to a particular team member, under the ‘Channel’ tab in the channel editor. So whether they’re going to the person responsible for organising the inbox, or straight to the right person to answer queries via that channel, you can save more time: 

customer support


#5 Prioritise! (Using flags, stars and filters)

Maybe it’s urgent? Maybe you need to review it later? Either way, you need to remember where that particular conversation is.

So flag it if you need to remember. Or, if you’re on our Team plan, star it if you want everyone else to see that it’s starred too.

customer support


Then, when you want to review the important voxes, use our filters. Just see just the conversations with flags or stars, or the ones that haven’t been replied to. 

Use these features together to prioritise customers with urgent messages, and make sure no query is left unanswered at the end of the day.

customer support