How to Use telbee to Generate Leads

So, you want to capture more leads on your store? The good news is that by installing telbee, you’re going about it the right way! 

Our pop-up voice recorders allow you to capture the attention of potential new leads immediately - and begin a conversation, whether you’re available then or later. It’s app-free, hassle-free and - above all - it’s human!

With telbee, you’ll never miss a sales opportunity. You’ll engage interested prospects as they enter and navigate your site, and spark a dialogue so you can nurture them both personally and efficiently. 

To get started with voice messaging for lead generation, you’ll need to create your telbee voice channel and customise it so it fits your brand to a tee.

When you’re adjusting your channel settings with lead generation in mind, we’d recommend you:

1. Set up your voice channel as a plugin that you can embed on your website, rather than a hosted page.

When you first create your new Vox channel, you’ll be shown this screen:

lead generation

For lead generation purposes, we’d recommend choosing ‘Create a Plugin’. This way, you can embed your voice recorders on your website, capture new visitors’ attention and engage prospects on your website without them even having to click onto another page. You can also set plugins to pop-up when triggered by a button or tab, making them even more eye-catching. 

After you create your plugin, you'll see our "Install Plugin" box with setup instructions suitable for most website builders or e-commerce stores. If you are building your website in Wix, please see our guide here.

Voice recorder plugins look like this:

lead generation

2. Think carefully about the text you choose to encourage visitors to leave messages for you, and make it easy!

Think about what’s on their mind, suggest they talk about it or ask them a question, and let them know what you’ll do in return. A specific, relevant message with personality works better than “Ask us anything!” as people often don’t know what to ask about.

lead generation

3. Remember to make leaving an email address required, so that you can reply to the leads you generate. 

lead generation

4. Make use of telbee's auto pop-ups and balloon prompts.

As well as setting your voice recorder up as a plugin and embedding it on your website, you can also enable pop-ups and balloon prompts to appear on other pages on your site, so that it’s always clear your visitors can communicate with you. 

lead generation

Now you’re ready to start capturing leads and having real, human conversations that build trust among your prospects - and build revenue for your business!