How to Use telbee for Virtual Learning

At telbee, we’ve always believed that voice technology has the power to transform education - right the way through from nursery to higher education. 

We created our app-free voice messaging solution to help students talk to their teachers in the easiest, most natural and personal way possible, and to also receive better feedback, while giving teachers more options when it comes to setting targeted spoken assignments and monitoring students’ progress across the board.

As well as assisting with pronunciation and language learning tasks, and helping teachers be there for students even out of hours, voice technology provides a personal way for students, universities and campus support services to speak with each other in a way that’s far more personal than email or text. 

Here are our top tips for making the most of telbee in the classroom:

#1 Be there for your students outside of office hours

As our voice messaging solution is asynchronous, it’s the perfect way to ensure your students can ask you questions about their homework or other assignments even when they’re not in school - and you can pick up the conversation whenever is convenient for you!

Simply give your students the link to your Vox channel page (hosted by us), and they can send you voice notes out of hours, while their questions are still top of mind. 

virtual learning

#2 Help students with their language learning

Voice messaging is particularly helpful for helping students practice non-writing skills - such as working on their fluency when speaking a foreign language, or improving their pronunciation of vocabulary. 

Why not ask your students to use telbee to record themselves reading out a passage that you send them?

You’ll receive their voice notes together in one place - your voice inbox - where you can listen, organise, download and respond with feedback on their pronunciation and fluency.

virtual learning

#3 Encourage students to submit spoken assignments via your Vox channel

Just as we mentioned in tip one, all you have to do to receive voice notes from your students is give them the link to your Vox channel page (hosted by us). They can then record spoken assignments for you in their own time, at the click of a button. 

Of course, they’ll also have the option to replay and re-record their assignment if they’re not happy with how it goes the first time round. 

You’ll receive their assignments all in one place to work through, assess, respond to and even download - whenever is convenient for you. 

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#4 Manage and categorise all of your voice notes in one place 

Even if you have a lot of students, classes and subjects to teach, our inbox management and filtering features help make it easy to stay on top of all of your conversations and voice notes. 

You can ‘star’ your (favourite) voxes, for example, or flag high-priority voxes (such as pressing questions) that need to be responded to quickly. 

You can also filter your telbee inbox to find the message, student or conversation you’re looking for. When you click on the filter icon, you’re able to filter messages by different channels, by whether messages have been flagged or favorited, and by whether that student has been replied to yet.

This helps you make sure no student is left unreplied to at the end of the day.

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#5 Reply to students personally from your voice inbox

Use telbee to provide your students with honest, helpful and friendly feedback that feels personal to them. 

Let them hear the encouragement in your voice, and the friendliness of your tone! It’s often far more engaging than looking at written feedback alone. 

You’ve also got the option to add text and links with your reply, so you can link students to any helpful resources, set them new targets and offer written feedback in addition to your voice note. 

virtual learning

With online voice messaging, your students benefit from a more well-rounded approach to learning; letting them improve their speaking skills, receive more personal feedback and build confidence both in school and outside of the classroom. 

If you’ve got any more questions about how telbee can be used for virtual learning, please don’t hesitate to leave our team a voice note. We’d love to hear from you!