How to Use telbee to Build an Online Community

To build a community that your customers are truly invested in, you have to start speaking to them on a more personal level. 

At telbee, we believe that voice messaging is the key to making the internet more human. 

By giving customers the option to express themselves in a way that is far quicker, more emotive and more natural to them than typing, voice messaging can help transform your community into a space for vibrant, authentic and personal interaction. 

Let's take a closer look at how you can use our app-free voice messaging solution to add that human touch to your brand:

#1 Allow your followers to share feedback with you in their own words

A key part of building a successful online community is ensuring that your customers always feel heard.

Members of any community want to feel that the opinions they share will shape the way a company grows - and what it will look like in the future. 

By allowing your customers to leave you a voice message on your website, sharing their thoughts on how your product, service or even your community might be improved, you're giving them a chance to feel that they’re playing an active part in your business’ development. 

Read our full article on using telbee to collect customer feedback [Link to ‘How to Use telbee to Collect Customer Feedback’] to find out more. 

build an online community

In doing this, you’ll also be gaining buckets of valuable feedback and a deeper insight into your customers' needs, which you can then use to continue improving your product or brand.

Plus, head to our help article on customising your Vox channel to fit your branding [Link to ‘How to Personalise Your Vox Channel’] to keep your messaging and branding on your voice recorder welcoming, friendly and super ‘you’. 

build an online community

#2 Gather content to share with your community

While email newsletters are a great way to keep your customers informed about company news, share valuable advice and keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds, they should also be used to help your followers feel more directly involved with your brand. 

In fact, switching the focus from you to your customers by regularly incorporating user-generated audio content into your updates can make all the difference when it comes to boosting customer engagement rates. 

To quickly and easily get hold of a whole range of shareable content, encourage your followers to record and send in their own news, stories, opinions or even product reviews, which you can then download to share with the rest of your community. 

build an online community

#3 Encourage members of your community to share their music with you

In an era of podcasts, audiobooks and music on demand, it’s become crystal clear that people love to listen - but not just to spoken words! 

Get creative with your use of voice technology on your platforms by encouraging customers to send in recordings of their own songs, music and remixed sounds. 

Allowing music lovers to send in clips of them playing their original compositions on their instruments at home, singing along to their favourite songs or speaking aloud the lyrics they’ve written can create an exciting space where your followers feel free to get creative and be themselves. 

To encourage this kind of creativity, why not host a competition asking your followers to send you a voice message of a potential new theme song for the podcast you’re developing?

Or maybe you’d like to gather recordings of their music to feature in your next social media post?

build an online community


#4 Feature your customers in podcasts and Q&As

We always recommend businesses to take an omnichannel approach to marketing; engaging and communicating with customers not just visually through emails and social posts, but via podcasts and audio clips as well.

When you’re creating this engaging extra content, we recommend you invite your audience to be part of the action. 

Interviews and Q&As are widely loved formats for podcasts and audio clips, as people love to listen to stimulating conversations, but why not get your customers and followers involved in the dialogue by asking them to send in their stories, opinions or questions to be featured in the show?

On a practical level, having your audience send in pre-recorded 'voxes' (voice messages) before Q&A sessions - as opposed to having people dial in live - can help you screen which questions are going to spark the most interesting conversations (or even help you prepare your answers in advance!). 

Read our article on how to collect listeners’ messages for podcasts or radio to learn how to gather, save and share!

build an online community

#5 Create a safe space for your community members

Last, but definitely not least, voice technology can help you prioritise the emotional safety and boundaries of your customers. 

When you’re setting up your Vox channel, you can choose whether to let customers leave their voice notes anonymously - without leaving a name, email address or phone number. 

Giving your followers the option to share their thoughts completely anonymously - either with their fellow community members or just with you - is a great way of showing them that you respect their privacy just as much as you value their need to be heard.

build an online community