How to Use telbee to Collect Customer Feedback

To get real feedback from customers, you need to make it super easy for them to talk to you - and ask them at the right time. The good news is that with telbee, talking to your business has never been easier!

Why? Because talking is faster than typing! With telbee, customers don’t have to take the time out of their day to write you an email or fill out a form. They can simply click record, tell you what they think of your product and get on with their day. This means less hassle for your customers, and more reviews for you!

Our app-free voice messaging solution also lets you ask buyers for feedback at just the right moment - whether that be immediately after checking out on your website, by email or as a QR code on their receipt. 

Let’s take a closer look at our top three methods of feedback collection:

#1 Ask for feedback on your website

When you first create your new Vox channel, you’ll be asked if you’d like to set it up as a plugin or a page:

collect customer feedback

Both of these options are great for collecting customer feedback. When you select ‘Create a Plugin’ you can embed your voice recorder on your website - after checkout, on a product page or on multiple pages - and so invite more reviews and testimonials from your visitors.

After you create your plugin, you'll see our "Install Plugin" box with setup instructions suitable for most website builders or e-commerce stores. If you are building your website in Wix, please see our guide here.

Returning customers can simply click the record button and let you know their thoughts - without ever having to leave the page, or type anything at all. 

collect customer feedback

An example of a plugin channel embedded on the telbee contact page. Feel free to come say hi!

We’d also recommend setting up a pop-up or balloon prompt on pages where you haven’t embedded your voice recorder, to motivate even more customers to leave you that quick voice review: 

collect customer feedback
Enable auto-popups and balloon prompts in the ‘Settings’ tab of your channel editor

#2 Follow up with an email

Equally, choosing the ‘Create a Vox Page’ option is an excellent way to collect more customer feedback as when you choose to set your voice recorder up as a hosted page (with its own URL), you’ll be able to link out to it from anywhere: 

collect customer feedback

This allows you to send your customers follow-up email where asking them for their feedback - and letting them leave you voice reviews as quickly, easily and personally as possible. 

To learn how to make your voice recorder plugins and pages as engaging as possible, find out how to customise everything about your channels here.

Choose colours that match your branding

#3 Use a QR code to engage customers when they’re most ready to speak!

Ask your customers what they think even when they’re offline by setting up a Vox channel as a hosted page and then including a QR code in your product packaging, which - once scanned - will take them straight to your Vox page’s URL. 

That way, you can capture your customers’ genuine excitement about your product while it’s still top of mind and on the tip of their tongue! 

You’ll find your unique QR code for each channel under the ‘Info’ tab in your channel editor: 

collect customer feedback

When you customers scan this QR code - which you can either send them over the internet or print out and stick on their order’s packaging - they’ll instantly be taken to your hosted Vox page, where they can easily leave you a voice note to let you know what they thought:

collect customer feedback

So, now that you’ve collected some amazing spoken reviews and testimonials from your customers, you’ll be able to use your learnings to market to new customers more effectively, and have better conversations with existing buyers.

Crucially, you’ll also have access to a mine of rich, user-generated content (including spoken reviews, testimonials and feedback) that you can share on your social channels to build trust among new customers and spark interest in your brand. Find out how to do just that here!