How to Personalise Your telbee Voice Recorder

At telbee, we’re all about making the internet more human. That means that at every touchpoint your customers have with your brand, the experience should be on-brand, personalised and super ‘you’! 

With telbee, you can customise pretty much everything about the way your voice recorder plugins and pages appear - from the text displayed, to the colour scheme, to the length of the voxes you receive from your visitors. 

Here are all the ways you can brand and customise your own voice recorder - and where to find them in your channel editor:

• Choose to create your voice recorder as a plugin for your website or on a hosted page for social media or email

When you first create a channel, you’ll be asked if you’d like to set it up as a plugin or a page:

online voice recorder

Plugins are voice recorders that can be embedded on your website, and are a great way to capture your visitors’ attention. You can embed them on a page or set them to pop-up when triggered by a button or tab. They look like this:

online voice recorder

Pages are standalone recorders which are hosted by us. They have their own unique URLs so you can easily link to them on your social channels, in emails, or let your customers access them via a QR code. They look like this:

online voice recorder

• Set your primary and secondary colours

Under the ‘Style’ tab in your channel editor, you can customise the colours of your voice recorder to match your branding by choosing a colour scheme.

online voice recorder

• Add your logo or banner to hosted pages

Also under the ‘Style’ tab for hosted pages, you can choose to add your logo (rather than using ours!), and adjust how it looks at the top of your voice recorder. 

online voice recorder

• Choose between a borderless or shadow effect

Lastly, in the ‘Style’ tab, you can choose to add or remove the shadow effect and border from your voice recorder, depending on what will match your site best. 

For hosted pages, you can also check the box to hide or show the grey bar either side of the recording button. 

For plugins, you can choose whether or not you’d like to dim the background.

online voice recorder

• Customise your messaging

Under the ‘Text’ tab, you can choose what is displayed as you welcome visitors, while they’re recording, during playback, when asking for contact details and after they’ve sent you their vox. 

online voice recorder

• Set a maximum recording time

Under the ‘Settings’ tab, you can set the maximum recording time for incoming voxes. Think about how much your visitors will have to say, and how much time you’ve got!

online voice recorder

• Choose which contact details you’d like to ask for

Under the ‘Settings’ tab, choose which contact details you want to ask visitors for, and which to make required - you’ll need to have their email address to reply to them with a vox. 

If you’d like to receive anonymous feedback and voice notes from your visitors, you don’t have to ask for any contact details at all!

online voice recorder

• Enable auto-popups and balloon prompts

Also under the 'Settings' tab, you can enable 'Auto-popup' and/or 'On-screen prompt' to encourage visitors to engage and talk to you.

online voice recorder

Here’s an example of a telbee balloon prompt:

online voice recorder

• Add a link to your privacy policy

Under ‘Settings’, you can choose whether to link your visitors to your privacy policy before they send their message.

online voice recorder

• Hosted pages only: Add an onward link

If you’re setting up a hosted page, you can choose whether you’d like to direct your visitors to another page (with an onward link) after they’ve sent you their voice note. 

online voice recorder

Once you’re done, you should have a channel that’s as unique as your brand - and is custom-made for your website visitors, customers or audience. So it’s personal and truly represents you!