Voice messaging for
 Podcasts and Radio

Make it easier than ever to hear from your listeners

Screen and select your audience’s submissions before you play them on air

Make sure only the best (and only appropriate) listener submissions make it onto your podcast by listening to them beforehand and picking your favourites.

Listen to and manage all of your listeners’ submissions in one dedicated place

No more sifting through letters, texts or Twitter DMs from your audience. With telbee, you can access all of your listeners’ stories, questions and contributions from within your own dedicated ‘voice inbox’.

Boost engagement through audience participation

Not only do your audience love to listen to you - they also love it when you listen to them! Keep involving your listeners in your episodes and you’ll be giving them a real incentive to keep coming back for more.

Save time on content creation with user-generated recordings that spark conversation

It can be hard work trying to consistently create engaging new audio content for your listeners. Voice messaging can help alleviate some of this pressure by letting you hand the mic over to your listeners for a change. By responding to and expanding on their thoughts, you can really switch things up, find out what your audience is thinking and be inspired by new ideas you may not have considered before.

Ready to see telbee in action?