Voice messaging for bringing offline customers online

Deepen engagement with your in-store visitors and users of your physical products, because delivery doesn't have to mean the end of the conversation


Hear what people think of your physical product

Find out what it's actually like to unbox your product, and use voice notes to build deeper relationships with those customers who care the most

"Thank you so much for your feedback, James - so glad you like our product! Look forward to producing many more for you!"
Scan this QR code on your phone and tell us in your words what you think about this product... we love hearing from you!

Get feedback on in-store experiences

Make it easy for visitors to give you feedback on the spot by sending you a voice note when what they're feeling is fresh in their minds and on the tip of their tongues

Find out what passers-by
think of your new shop or branch

Hear from the people your store really made an impression on, whether they had time to stop in or not

"Your feedback means the world to us Jane - we're so excited to welcome you as a client! Please speak to Adam in the branch and he'll add £50 to your new account with us! We're here if you have anything else to tell us."
Our bank is your bank. We want to know what you think about our new branch. Scan this QR code with your phone, record your feedback for us in a flash and we'll add £50 to your account if you join us...

Gather post-event or presentation feedback

Give visitors and viewers an easy way to start a relationship or provide feedback on the spot, rather than relying on them remembering to do so later

"So glad to hear you loved our event, Steve. I've included a list of upcoming events we've organised below. If you click on the links, you'll get 50% off if you register! Hope to see you soon!"
Let us know how we did this evening. No feedback forms or typing required. Follow this short link on your phone and give us your feedback with a short voice note.

Add QR codes to business cards

Offer a stand-out way for people with your card to contact you, and start a conversation that's so much more personal than email

"Thanks for your voice note, Andrew. I've totally understood what you need. I'm just wrapping up a client meeting now and will give you a call in an hour if that's alright. Talk soon!"
Scan to talk to me and ask me what you need. I'll listen and call you back!

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