Vox for Marketing

Use voice messaging for marketing to understand what your customers need and want, and engage them to drive growth


Find out what excites your customers

Make it easy for your customers to express what they're thinking, just as if they're talking to their friends or colleagues

“What can we do to make our product really amazing?”
"Well, if you'd consider adding this feature then we could…"

Recruit ambassadors for your business

Know from their voice who is genuinely excited about what you offer and will represent you, your business and your products well

"I love what you're doing with this! It really makes a difference to me"
"Why don't you join our program for top users and come to our events?"

Hear what your
customers actually think

Get spontaneous feedback - people speak naturally, whereas written feedback is composed and filtered

“How are we doing?”
"This just doesn't do what I need. Why can't it be like your competitor?"

Collect reviews and testimonials

Hear people talk about your products and services in their own voices, conveying excitement and meaning far more strongly than through text

"The service was excellent and your staff made me feel really welcome!"
"That's so great to hear! Do you mind if we share your vox on our website for others to hear?"

Run online focus groups

Understand the full range of feeling and perspective on a topic from the tone and engagement you hear, which is otherwise lost in text responses

“What do you think about the new collection we're launching?”
"It looks fabulous, but my daughter will only want it if it comes in green..."

Run promotions

Reward real conversations, encouraging people to engage with you further by showing that you appreciate it

“Send us a vox about how you want to use our service and we'll send you a discount code for 20% off!”
"It'd be really great if we could book same day!"

Run competitions

Ask your audiences to submit voxes as competition entries to encourage creativity, connection and a new sort of creative input

“Tell us what you love about our show, the best answer wins free tickets to our next filming!”
"We watched your show on our first date, so it's always the best memory for us! Would love if we could watch live for another date"

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