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5 Ways Voice Technology Can Transform Real Estate

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August 20, 2020
Esther Lowde
Marketing Executive @ telbee
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When it comes to succeeding in the world of real estate, communication is key.

To seal that deal and sweep your clients off their feet, you need to ensure that you’re speaking with your clients positively, proactively and often. 

In fact, according to Kevin Markarian (Founder of Forbes Real Estate Council):

“Before, during and after a transaction, there’s no one thing more critical than communication. Frankly, it’s impossible to overdo it.”

Luckily, new developments in voice recording and messaging technology are making it faster and easier than ever to have helpful, meaningful conversations with clients.

Let’s take a look at how:  

How can voice technology improve client communications? 

New voice messaging tools and platforms are allowing businesses to communicate with clients in a way that combines the speed and convenience of instant messaging with the personal touch of a phone call. 

We built our online voice recording and messaging platform to give real estate and letting agencies a quicker, easier way to talk with prospective and existing clients - and manage all of these voice messages within a simple ‘voice inbox’. It’s like visual voicemail for business! 

All you need to do is create one of our online voice recorders (which you can easily embed into your website or host on a page that you can link to from anywhere), and your clients can simply hit the record button and let you know what’s on their mind.  

voice messaging for business
You can customise the online voice recorder you create for your clients to match your agency’s branding perfectly.

You’ll then receive all your clients’ voice messages in your voice inbox, where you can claim voice notes to respond to, or assign voice messages to a colleague who may be better able to help. 

You can even choose to see clients’ voice notes transcribed as text, and include your own text, links and information along with your voice reply. 

visual voicemail
You’ll be able to listen to all of your clients’ voice messages right here in your team’s voice inbox.

Now that you understand how voice messaging tools for business work, it’s time to dive into some of the key benefits of voice messaging for real estate; from saving time on a daily basis to driving sales through the roof: 

#1 Save time and talk on the move

In 2020, customers are turning to voice technology more than ever before. 

According to one study by Perficient, voice search is now consumers’ second most popular choice for searching on mobile (just behind the mobile browser), 66% of Americans now own a smart speaker, and more millennials than ever are opting to send voice notes over texting their friends. 

Why are so many people turning to voice? Simply put, because it’s quick and convenient. Not only does talking come more naturally than writing to almost everybody – especially those who struggle with spelling and typing – but you can communicate by voice even when you’re on the move, or busy getting on with other tasks throughout your day. 

When it comes to communicating with your clients as a real estate agent, this ease and convenience is particularly important. In today’s non-stop culture, time is absolutely of the essence. And your clients want to hear updates about potential homes or buyers as quickly as they can. 

In fact, Jean Gordon from Estate Agent Stars recently told that she believes slow or poor communication from real estate agents is one of the biggest frustrations for people who are buying or selling property. 

With voice messaging technology, fast, excellent communication becomes a breeze. New and potential clients can reach out to you with updates about what they’re looking for - anywhere, any time. And when you find a great new place you think your clients will love, you can let them know right away! 

#2 Stand out from your competition

It’s no secret that to be successful in the real estate world, you’ve got to get ahead of abundant competition. When your clients are looking for help finding or selling a home, there’s no shortage of people out there trying to offer them their services. 

However, when you let your customers communicate with you quickly and naturally with voice notes, you’re providing a fast, personal, efficient service that’s second to none. By making your agency the easiest to get in touch with, you’ll be sure to truly set yourself apart from the competition. 

By making use of an online voice recording and messaging tool, you can build a reputation as the estate agency that makes clients feel valued, understood and heard on the way to finding their dream home. 

online voice recorder
Create a personalised online voice recorder to stand out from the competition and get ahead of the game. 

#3 Build stronger relationships with your clients

At the heart of it all, real estate is a people business. To sell homes to your clients, you need to know how to build real relationships with people. At the end of the day, people buy from people they trust and trust people they like. 

In fact, according to property listing website Bayut, keeping your tone warm and friendly is key to winning clients over in the real estate industry. And the best way to convey a truly warm, friendly tone is using your voice! 

Because so many of the subtle nuances of intonation get lost in writing, you’ll build far more trust and rapport through talking than you ever will through simply texting clients your updates. There’s just no denying that talking is inherently more personal, emotive and compelling than typing. After all, voice has been humans’ most powerful relationship-building tool for millennia! 

When you’re using a voice messaging platform as a business, you’ll never have to dull down your most exciting news by writing it in an email. It doesn’t matter if a client isn’t available to pick up the phone and hear you talk - or if you’re out at an open house while a prospective client is trying to call you at the office. You can still reach out to all of your clients in a way that’s as persuasive and engaging as a phone call or an in-person conversation, by simply sending them a voice note they can listen to as soon as they’re free.

visual voicemail
Build stronger relationships with your clients by listening to them speak - and replying in your own voice. 

#4 Cater to clients’ individual communication preferences

As Kevin Markarian, Founder of a real estate brokerage, recently wrote for Forbes:

“There is no single best method for communicating with a client. What's essential is that you establish the client's preferred communication method, time of day, frequency and any other details from day one.”

When it comes to bowling your prospective clients over, it’s all about treating them like the individuals that they are - and letting them decide how they want to be heard. 

Every client has their own unique communication style, and while some may prefer texting or emailing back and forth, for others, voice messaging may be just the ticket. 

For example, your next client might well be a natural chatterbox, who feels much less restricted when they can speak rather than type. They may also be dyslexic or have vision impairment, and appreciate you offering another communication option that is far more accessible to them. 

In short, voice messaging gives you more options and flexibility in terms of the way you speak with your clients, helping you provide a service that’s perfectly tailored to them. 

#5 Keep track of staff and client communications

Last but certainly not least, voice technology makes it far easier to keep track of which of your prospective and existing clients still need to be contacted or responded to. 

When someone emails your company’s generic address, it can be hard to trace who has responded to that person. And we’re all familiar with the struggle of leaving it too long to listen to, find or reply to somebody’s voicemail. 

But with voice messaging, there’s no more wondering whether a client’s request has been dealt with - and no more accidentally leaving a voicemail unreturned!

Within your team's voice inbox, you can easily assign voice messages to the right person - or claim them for yourself - and keep track of exactly which clients you and your team have been speaking to.

voice messaging for business
You can listen to (or read) all of your previous voice messages with clients within your team’s voice inbox. 

Finding their dream home just got easier

Ultimately, succeeding as a real estate agent is all about communication - and voice technology is all about making communication as efficient and personal as can be. 

When you make it enjoyable, quick and easy for your clients to reach out to you, you’ll find yourself rewarded with better client relationships and more sales than ever. 

With voice messaging, not only will you never miss out on a prospective client again - the people you do business with will be recommending you to their friends. 

To find out more about how our online voice recording and messaging platform could help transform your real estate or letting agency’s communications with clients, get in touch with the team at telbee today! 

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