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Features of Good Web Design: How Innovative Websites Increase Sales

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December 15, 2020
Maria De La Peña
Content Writer at Delesign
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With more people shopping online than ever, there’s never been a better time to ensure your website is ready to impress. After all, your website goes beyond telling visitors about your brand - it helps you sell products and services as well.

In recent years, countless new tools and technologies have cropped up to help improve the user experience online. From app-free voice messaging solutions to interactive website templates, these technologies are rapidly changing how businesses work online. In this post, we’ll be breaking down the benefits of innovative web design - and how having an interactive, unique website can help make your business more profitable.

What are the most important features of good web design?

A few years back, your average website was very simple, with very few functionalities, limited information and almost no interactivity. 

Of course, in 2020, things are very different. If you want to stand out in the ecommerce space today, you’ve got to keep up with the latest trends in web design. 

Let’s go through some of the key things to remember when designing an ecommerce store that sells: 

#1 Make your website interactive

With so many distractions out there online, it’s never been more important to stand out, capture visitors’ attention and keep new prospects engaged. 

Luckily, there are a whole host of new tools out there on the market to help you grab - and keep - new prospects’ attention. 

For example, with an app-free voice messaging solution like telbee, you can create, customise and display branded voice recorders on your website, which your audience can then click on to quickly and easily record you a voice note. 

You’ll then receive all these voice notes in a dedicated ‘voice inbox’, where you’ll be able to provide support, answer questions or nurture new leads accordingly. 

Innovative tools like this help your website truly stand out from the competition, as well as helping you capture the attention of engaged website visitors, new prospects and leads - and push them further along your sales and marketing funnels.

features of good web design
With telbee, you can create your own personalised voice recorders to display on your website. Web design doesn’t get much more innovative than this! 

#2 Prioritise easy navigation

One of the ways that your website can be successful is when it is easy for users to navigate through. Nobody has time to waste trying to glean information from your website. People want to access information as quickly as possible so that they can find what they’re looking for and get on with their days.

This means that you must make it easy for your visitors to access information on your site. Your webpages should load quickly, your menu should be clear and you should also consider providing options that will aid navigation for users with disabilities (such as using voice technology and bold, clear colour schemes). 

Don’t forget that the more visitors frequent your website, the higher your chance at conversions. Beyond this, you can make them loyal ambassadors who will help to publicise your brand in the near future.

#3 Keep SEO top of mind

As you likely know, search engines like Google use several parameters (including keyword usage, title tags, links, and image optimization) to rank websites on SERPs (search engine results pages). For a website to rank highly in Google’s results, it must excel in all of these categories. 

This is where innovative web design comes in. With a strong web design, you can marry SEO to an improved user experience. The link here is that the SEO parameters are targeted at improving user experience. If you can satisfy them, then your website will be more user-friendly, and will inadvertently have a higher chance of ranking for your target keywords. 

Innovative, user-friendly design doesn’t necessarily mean that your website should be complex. In fact, quite the opposite - more simplistic designs equal improved user-friendliness. The less complex your webpages are, the faster they will load. As a result, your website will appear more frequently when web searches are performed - and ultimately get more clicks.

features of good web design
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#4 Keep it visually appealing

Let’s be frank, it’s not easy trying to sell abstract products or services. No wonder companies that make use of just text on their websites have very low sales! Still, you can change all of this with an innovative web design.

Often, the problem is that businesses don’t know what images to use. With the help of a professional web graphic design service, you can get quality images that match your products or services. You can also work with the designer to choose promo videos as well. The designer will ensure that your choices are guided to suit your website optimisation requirements.

How does visual content help you increase sales? Your customers want to see clear pictures of what your products look like. If you offer services, they want to see pictures and videos that demonstrate your processes. Just explaining all of this using text wouldn’t capture their hearts. With improved visual content, you can drive your message home and convince more prospects to give you their business.

Let’s not forget that humans need a lot of motivation to read through text these days. This is because as a society, our concentration spans are shorter than they used to be. Essentially, with better visuals, you are more likely to attract users to your site, encourage them to stay on it and convince them to convert.

How can innovative web design help your business grow?

#1 Interactive web design helps businesses boost sales

No matter what you do, the prosperity of your business will always be measured primarily by your sales figures. There are several ways to improve these figures - including using innovative web designs. Basically, improve your website and you will attract more sales. 

Looking at the world we live in today, people rarely want to leave the comfort of their homes to shop. Online sales have become the trend as more companies are moving their sales channels online. As a result, it’s imperative that businesses work at making their websites more user-friendly to attract more sales.

As we approach the New Year, website owners should update their previous designs - especially if they’re more than a few years old. With these upgrades and updates, you can improve the visuals and functionality of your website. Updating your website also lets returning customers know that your brand is making constant efforts to improve.

You can also increase sales by adding promotions to your websites. This will help to create a buzz among clients and prospects alike. The result of this is more sales since users believe that they can now get more value for money from you. In the end, your website will add value to your sales one way or the other.

#2 Innovative web design helps you retain loyal customers

As you’re probably aware, it’s far cheaper to retain existing clients than to search for new ones. This fact leads us to one conclusion - every business should work at attracting loyal customers. 

Now, we aren’t saying that converting prospects into loyal clients will be a stroll in the park. You’ve got to put in a lot of effort here as well.

With top-notch web design, your task will be easier. For example, your webmasters can monitor user activity to highlight who is frequenting your site. This gives you a headstart, so all you will be doing is employing creative tactics to retain these returning customers.

A good place to start is by rewarding returning customers with amazing discounts and gift vouchers. This gives them more reasons to keep visiting your website and supporting your business. 

Don’t forget that scouring your website data helps you pinpoint loyal customers easily. Continue rewarding them and they will not become more than loyal customers - they will become unpaid freelance marketers for your brand.

features of good web design
Image source: 

#3 Innovative websites help you increase your customer base

Every business seeks to increase its customer base as much as possible. While there are several ways to do this, innovative web design has proved to be one of the most powerful. An impressive website that is ranked highly by Google and recommended by users helps you to publish your brand name beyond your locality and put it on a global stage.

Because of this, the distance between your business and your prospects is reduced, and your customer base increases from your immediate environment to other countries. Prospects from all over the world can now know all about your business and access your services from their homes. With this, they are more likely to become customers.

Final thoughts

We hope this post has shown you how innovative web design can help your business increase sales, motivated you to give your website a refresh and given you a good idea of where you should begin. 

Remember: The golden rule in web design is to always put the user’s experience first. When you do this, your website will become more interactive, creative and easy to navigate - and you’ll be surprised how quickly your revenue rises! 

To find out more about how our app-free voice messaging solution can help make your website more interactive, innovative and profitable, get in touch with the team at telbee today. We'd love to hear from you! 
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