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Helping Businesses and Customers Use the Power of Voice on the Internet

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June 9, 2020
Justis Saayman
Head of Marketing @ telbee
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Scanning the headlines of the business or tech press, you'll be faced with dozens so-called disruptive technologies that will change the way we work and play.

That said, one of the most underrated, yet game-changing technologies in our world is voice technology

Even though humans have been speaking with each other for millennia, voice has long remained in the background in our digital age. The keyboard has been our main outlet of digital communication, whether we’re sending an urgent work email or simply chatting with our friends on Facebook. 

In the past several years, however, voice tech has seen a sudden surge in popularity.

According to one study, more than 66 million Americans now own a smart speaker, while ComScore even predict that half of all digital searches this year will be voice searches

Our digital futures are increasingly voice-based, forcing companies to think about how they can use voice technology to deliver even more value to their customers.   

And with this emergence of voice tech comes telbee, our voice messaging platform for modern businesses.

Our voice messaging platform connects businesses and customers through easy-to-use voice messages (or 'voxes')

Whether you're looking for ways to gather more customer feedback, improve the quality of your customer support processes or simply understand what your customers are really trying to tell you, Vox could be just what your business has been looking for. 

The power of our voice messaging platform

At its core, voice provides an immense amount of value for businesses and customers alike.  

Our voice messaging platform will help streamline and improve your business’ marketing, customer support strategy and website accessibility - to name just a few examples of effective voice technology use. 

Essentially, the telbee team created Vox to make it easier for businesses to leverage the natural advantages of voice technology

And what are these advantages? 

For businesses: 

Firstly, for businesses, voice technology drives engagement and allows for a full understanding of customer intentions. 

As Albert Mehrabian’s famous model of communication states, tone of voice and body language can actually communicate far more than the words we write or speak. 

Tone of voice is therefore an essential part of understanding customer intent

Through words alone, businesses are missing out on this priceless piece of customer data, which can potentially lead to more sales. 

Hearing a customer’s tone of voice can also help you to engage more effectively with and persuade that customer.

voice support

For customers: 

For customers, voice technology is fast, easy, and allows for full expression - even when they’re on the move. It’s often quicker to send a vox than type out a lengthy email.

Along with this, communicating with voice makes customers feel heard.

Installing a Vox button on your site offers your customers a more intimate and personal way to communicate with your business, allowing companies to create an organic connection with those who reach out to them directly.

voice marketing

Ultimately, telbee creates a win-win for both brands and consumers by eliminating much of the friction and time-sucking nature of communicating via email or text, while allowing business and customers to pick up subtle nuances that they would never discover in text-based communication

Most importantly, voxes help businesses and customers build authentic connections with each other

How does our voice messaging platform work?

The magic of our voice messaging platform all lies in the recorder:


voice messaging platform

You can embed this fully customisable recorder into your website, have it appear as a pop-up or link to it on branded pages that you can link to from anywhere (e.g. on social media, in emails and more). 

Once your customers press the record button, they can easily send your company a vox and, if they desire, their contact information, so that you can get back to them with a vox of your own. 

Businesses can view - and reply to - their voxes from a shared inbox that is clean and intuitive. 

Voxes can automatically be transcribed into text (in more than 50 different languages!) and it is extremely easy to assign vox responses to your colleagues. 

From there, you and your colleagues can seamlessly respond to your voxes in a far more authentic and personal way than an email or live chat response

Join the voice revolution!

The voice revolution is only getting stronger, as voice-based communication is becoming ever more important in our personal and professional lives

Whether you’re part of a small but fast-growing startup or are contemplating ways to better connect with your enterprise’s customers, Vox can help you stand out from the crowd. 

Our simple, easy-to-use yet powerful voice technology can be your secret weapon as you work to build and strengthen relationships with your customers.

So why not give Vox a try? It may be the best business decision that you make all year.

To find out how voice messaging can supplement your existing marketing and customer support channels, get in touch with telbee today!

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